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-“The Alexander Murray Trail, named for Sir Alexander Murray – the first person to ever produce a geological map of Newfoundland, is located in the small community of King’s Point, Newfoundland. It’s not a spot on the radar of many BUT if you’re driving the Trans-Canada Highway north-east of Deer Lake, then it’s worth making the three to four hour stop to hike this trail.” View Full Article and Images

Alexander Murray Trail - King's Point | Outdoors & On the Go

The eight kilometre loop takes about three hours in the summer but with the snow, I expected it to take me longer. The trail climbs gradually for about two kilometres as it makes its way through forest, bog and barrens. Breaking trail the whole way, I was pacing myself and enjoying all the animal tracks everywhere - maybe I would see a moose?! Hare, squirrel, chipmunk, moose and even fox tracks zigzagged along and across the trail. As I broke out onto Moose Barrens, the view of the hills was incredible! View Full Blog Post

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