A Beluga of a Story
A late tourist arrives in King's Point:

On Oct 15th, 2010 I was moving my boat across King's Point Harbour when a Beluga Whale came up to great me. What an experience! He or She was about 12 - 14 ft. long, light grey on the surface and snow white under water. My wife, Dale and our friends up the beach, Joe and Phyllis Martin later experienced the same close encounter.

This mammal craved companionship and just lay along side the boat and actually coming up to touch your hand. It's absolutely amazing that this wild creature, native to the Artic would actually trust us humans to such a degree. A gentle tap on the hull or a swish of your hand in the water would bring him back to the boat.

After 2 hours and darkness setting in, it took 30 minutes to get to the dock. The Beluga didn't want us to leave.

The third pic is where the whale was laying along side the boat and you can see Ed's fingers touching the whale.

The second pic is where the whale was straight up and down in the water and I leaned over the side of the boat and took it's pic. His nose was just on the surface.

A Beluga
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