Community Profile

This description of King's Point & Rattling Brook was provided by Alexander Murray in the late 1800's. Murray and James P. Howley, geological surveyors, did an extensive land survey and the charting of bays and inlets in Green Bay. The logging industry is the main employer of the residents of these communities. Agriculture offers some opportunity in the area as well. These communities are situated off the coastal lowlands of a big valley surrounded by high mountains making the land very fertile. These communities boast of its beautiful mountainous and coastal scenery, with the Alexander Murray Hiking Trail as its core tourism attraction.

The town has 670 people
King's Point is located on the north shore of the Southwest Arm of Green Bay, near the head of the bay. King's Point is 15 miles by road from Springdale (10 km from the TCH).
The area's topography, with level land and fertile soil, is unique when in general the surrounding area is rugged and has unproductive land.

Therefore, King's Point is an important agricultural area. In the 1950's a mixed farming industry was supplying vegetables to communities all along the northeast coast. Fresh vegetables, flowers and bedding plants, are offered in season by a number of farms and greenhouse operations.
Postal Services
The community's post office was established in the late 1800's and has housed its own building since the 1960's.

Currently it serves the community with a full range of Postal Services including lock boxes, with incoming mail from Monday to Friday and counter service from Monday to Saturday.
Media Data
The regional newspaper, The Nor'Wester, is delivered to the community once a week. The community is serviced by Regional Cable Television.
Health and Welfare
The nearest medical clinic is located in Springdale. Larger medical facilities are located in Grand Falls.
Fire Protection
King's Point has a joint volunteer fire department with Rattling Brook.

There are 30 volunteers in the department. Firemen are notified of a fire through a paging system. The department is equipped with a fire truck. There is an adequate number of fire hydrants.
Main roads in the community are paved with side roads being gravel. The condition of the roads are said to be in fair to good driving condition.
Utilities and Power
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro.
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro provides electricity to the community of King's Point. Its source of power is the Springdale terminal station with a voltage of 25,000.
Water Supply and Sanitation
The community's source of water is pumped from a chlorine treated pond.

Most of the households (98%) are connected to the main water supply. All of the houses use a public sewage system. Garbage is collected once a week by regional disposal trucks. The garbage dump is located 30 km from the community.
Social and Cultural Data
There are three churches located in town.
Salvation Army
United Church
Tourism and Recreation
Softball Field
Alexander Murray Hiking Trail
R.V. Park with playground
Clubs and Organizations
Youth and Recreation
Heritage Society
Fire Department
Alexander Murray Trail Committee
Women’s Institute
A Beluga
Of A Story
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